Patient Stories & Testimonials

Gina W.

Dr. Bita Badakhshan has been treating me with PRP and I have had remarkable results !!! She is a very kind , concerned and considerate Doctor. I highly recommend her services !! I am grateful that she is my Doctor.

Phil Viele

Dr. Bita gets it! Her excellent treatment, curiosity, investigative mind and ability to connect, you know where you stand immediately and what next steps look like. I have stage 4 melanoma and I'm alive and healthy after 7 years because of her expert care. I feel at ease and confident with her and the staff is great, too. Highly recommended!

Sepideh K.

Her practice is different than a regular primary care. Dr Bita looks for the root cause of the disease instead of right away prescribing medications. Her staff are friendly. I would highly recommend dr Bita.

Cynthia Whalen

I have been seeing Dr.Bita since 2017 after a breast cancer diagnosis. I have had excellent care and I will continue to see Dr. Bita. I can only say good things about Dr. Bita she is kind, caring, intelligent and listens to my concerns. Dr. Bita's knowledge and cancer care experience has helped me to remain cancer free. I highly recommend Dr. Bita she will not let you down with your health care concerns. She is also very professional. I'm very grateful I found her.

Mehri M.

Dr. Bita Badakhshan is my primary Doctor from the day one of her practice. She's so far best and most trusted person to go with any health concern. She's so caring and sweet personality. God bless her. she's a jewel

Holly M.

Dr. Bita is fantastic! I would highly recommend Dr. Bita, she is very knowledgeable, understanding, and professional.


Dr. Bita is always keeping current with the latest advances in holistic medicine and is a very knowledgeable and caring physician. She cares about the patient as a whole and focuses on healing from within. Nutrition is absolutely important and finding your way back to health takes effort from an attentive doctor and a patient willing to make some lifestyle changes. Thank you Dr. Bita for all your knowledge and help.

Kathy DeSantis

Dr Bita knows A LOT about integrative health and does not push pharmadrugs. Instead she gets to the cause and the holistic solution. She has been heavily quizzed by patients on the live programs they hold on the CFN Facebook page as patients value her expertise and clear explanations, willingness to share what she can. Further she is caring and considers my feelings first, always thorough and helpful when I had severe conditions. I feel confident in her treatment over the past 7 years, so glad to have her as my MD. The Center for New Medicine is an awesome place and holds high standards for the best integrative health with all sorts of advanced, user friendly treatments and devices, an infrared spa and cutting edge therapies with top notch experts. Blessed and SO glad to be a part of it.

Ann L.

Dr Bita is amazing! She is a medical doctor that goes above and beyond to research not only medicines but corrective processes that eliminate the actual cause of the health issue. She and the doctors at CNM empower patients to not be a victim waiting for cancer, diabetes or kidney failure. If there is a way to resolve the health issue not just treat the symptoms. Dr Bita listens. My husband was a insulin dependent diabetic for 25 years, he no longer needs insulin. He is in control mainly with diet and he's lost weight and looks 25 not 60. This place is AMAZING and the office is elegant and welcoming! They've earned their 5 star rating.

Al Shan

I highly reccomend Doctor Bita Badakhshan and here is why. After visiting many doctors regarding my stomach pain I realized how important it is to find a doctor that actually knows what they are doing. Every doctor I visited rushed me to take some kind of test, before they even listened to my problem. And they came up with ridiculous diagnosis that didn't make any sense to me. One doctor said it could be STD related and another said genetics. But Doctor Bita asked me a series of questions that lead into her diagnosis without any testing. She put me on a strict diet for 2 weeks and the pain was gone. I mean WOW!!! I'm so grateful I found her. Thank you Doctor Bita

Corrie C.

Dr. Bita has been fabulous every step of the way with me. I first started working with her 10 years ago, and every time I have some health issue I head straight to her! I have lots of odd health issues that she is able to treat with western and preventive treatments. She is very thorough and incredibly knowledgeable. Great sense of humor. Great with patients. I get results!


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