SOT Therapy in Orange County

Induce program cell death in CTC (circulating tumor cells), Lyme disease, and viruses etc.

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A groundbreaking method to help stop the replication of harmful cells

Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT) is a groundbreaking treatment that is personalized to each patient to stop critical genes within a virus to replicate, thus cleansing your body of organisms.

SOT therapy is a technology with molecules that are too small for detection and destruction by the body's immune system and RNA degrading enzymes for long periods, allowing them to circulate throughout the body, attaching to viral or bacterial targets.

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, Lyme disease, or certain viruses, Dr. Bita may be able to help by individualized SOT therapy.

Key to SOT therapy

What Is SOT Therapy?

SOT is a type of supportive cancer treatment in which short pieces of DNA or RNA are used to target and stop cancer cells from replicating. Oligonucleotides can be delivered intravenously, directly into the tumor, or systemically. They are designed to bind to specific cells and induce apoptosis, or programmed cell death.

One way of thinking about how SOT works is with an analogy of a key fitting into a lock.

Each pathogen or cancer cell contains specific DNA that controls essential functions, like growth and replication. The process of SOT creates a type of "key" that fits into the "lock" area that controls cell function. Once the SOT enters the lock, it blocks those critical functions, essentially "shutting off" the cell and killing it.

Once the pathogen or cancer cell is dead, the SOT "key" unbinds and moves on to the next cell, continuously targeting, binding, killing, and releasing the pathogens causing illness in the body. SOT can even break the blood-brain barrier, making it a highly effective method to treat bacterial and viral pathogens, cancer, and co-infections.

SOT treatment

An Alternative to Traditional Treatments

SOT is a supportive treatment that can induce cell death in CTCs/CSCs (circulating cancer tumors and stem cells). For Orange County residents interested in trying this technology, finding the right doctor to perform SOT is a critical consideration.

Dr. Bita is a leading doctor in the early detection and treatment of cancers.

SOT treatments and testing through RGCC are valuable medical services and are becoming more widely accepted among the medical community. In fact, the response to SOT has been largely positive, with many people seeing an overall improvement in their health and symptoms when other treatments have failed.

Health Benefits of SOT Therapy

A patient undergoing SOT treatments will experience numerous health benefits.

First, SOT molecules are small enough to avoid detection and a negative response from the immune system. As such, they circulate throughout the patient's body for months, specifically targeting and destroying harmful pathogens or tumor cells. It triggers apoptosis within those targets and effectively controls replication, allowing the body to gradually overcome the harmful pathogens.

Another health benefit of SOT is that it doesn't alter the body's genes or DNA permanently. Instead, it provides a temporary change in the expression of the DNA's blueprint.

As a result, it's compatible with other types of natural therapies, which won't negatively affect the SOT protocol or treatment plan. In addition, SOT molecules target, bind, destroy, and move on to the next pathogen, successfully diminishing or even eliminating the harmful cells.

  • Avoid negative response from the immune system
  • Doesn't alter the body's genes or DNA permanently
  • Compatible with other types of natural therapies
  • Prevent replication of Lyme bacteria
  • Prevent cancerious growth

What to Expect During SOT Therapy

When a patient comes to the OC Functional Medical Center office, their journey to wellness via SOT starts with a consultation and discussion with Dr. Bita about their general medical history and any current or past health concerns.

Then, the doctor will perform a simple blood draw and send it to the RGCC lab for CTC testing. They'll use the results to create a unique SOT protocol, then send it back to Dr. Bita for intravenous injection, which will occur no more than three times during one year.

Request SOT Therapy with Dr. Bita

If you're looking for an experienced doctor who can have an RGCC test and administer a personalized SOT therapy, look no further than OC Functional Medical Center.

Dr. Bita is a renowned expert on cancer detection and therapy.

For Southern California residents seeking SOT therapy, Dr. Bita is here to offer expert guidance and medical treatment. Fill out the form or call our team at OC Functional Medical Center in San Clemente, CA, at (949) 312-2425 to request an appointment with Dr. Bita.

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