Orange County EBO2 Ozone Therapy

Eliminate pathogens and toxins while promoting faster healing

We are very pleased to announce that we now have one of the first units for EBO2 ozone therapy in the USA and the first in the Orange County/San Diego metro area.

This represents another quantum leap for our practice and our patients. EBO2 allows for the reduction of chronic inflammation and creates a watershed of positive impacts on the quality of life and performance of its patients, as inflammation is the mother of all disease. EBO2 can be used as an adjunct to treatment for cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, and general well-being.

What is EBO2?

EBO2 stands for Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation. This seems like a complicated phrase, but if we break it down, we get an idea of what it really means: Extracorporeal means outside of the body, oxygenation means putting oxygen into an area, and ozonation means adding ozone to an area.

Stimulate Healing

Stimulate your body's tissues by saturating it with oxygen and generating more energy.

Combat Chronic Infection

Block the growth of harmful bacteria by binding to pathogens and killing harmful pathogens

Improve Circulation

Ozone improves circulation throughout the body and provides greater antioxidant protection.

EBO2 is a modern, high-volume blood filter device, which uses integrated diffusing membranes within the filter fibers to trap lipids and proteins which are in excess in the venous blood supply.

EBO2 Treatment Diagram

How Does EBO2 Ozone Therapy Work?

The EBO2 protocol involves placing two IV lines: one to remove blood and one to return treated blood. The blood begins to be removed to begin the treatment protocol. After the blood has been through three steps of filtration, it then receives ozonation, oxygenation, and photomodulation with ultraviolet light before being immediately infused back into the patient’s body through the other IV line. The difference in the color of blood being returned to the body after being subjected to the protocol is most noticeable. The “old” oxygen-poor blood is very dark red and frequently has visible particles in it, while the “new” oxygen and ozone-rich blood is a very bright red and visibly cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions About EBO2 Ozone Therapy

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At OC Functional Medical Center, Dr. Bita is an experienced provider of EBO2 ozone therapies, offering her patients a comprehensive and natural approach to their health.

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