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OC Functional Medical Center helps its patient by addressing the root cause of illness through prevention, detection, and mindful living.

Treating The Root Cause

In today's society, many people are not aware of how to cure, or treat the root cause of their illnesses. Functional medicine is a new type of treatment that focuses on wellness rather than illness. It believes in "mindful living" and takes a biochemical view of health and disease. This type of medicine can be used to heal many different types of chronic diseases.


Meet Dr. Bita, MD

Integrative, Family, & Functional Medicine

Raised in Sweden, Dr. Badakhshan (whom her patients call Dr. Bita) moved to Southern California in 1996. Upon arrival in the United States, she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine. Subsequently, she attended graduate medical school at St. George and finished her family medicine residency program at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. After a brief stay in the New York City area, Dr. returned to Southern California in 2011 to accept a position in the Woodbury Medical Group, Sand Canyon Urgent Care, and Kaiser Permanente in California’s Orange County.

Dr. Bita has obtained extensive experience in both primary and urgent care, preventative care, and aesthetic procedures. She holds the deep belief that the optimal way for her patients to achieve healthy lifestyles is through preventive health measures, and endeavors to promote such measures at every opportunity in her everyday practice.

However, Dr. Bita has come to the realization that conventional medicine can only do so much. She strongly advocates treating the person as a whole, striving to find the overall root cause of the condition. Her underlying philosophy is to take this holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment rather than simply covering symptoms with medications. Under the mentorship of Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Dr. Bita has placed a special career focus on cancer prevention and integrative cancer treatments. She focuses on optimizing the immune system to prevent chronic diseases.

Dr. Bita spent ten years working for the Center For New Medicine and the Cancer Center For Healing.

A member of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Dr. Bita has a true passion for nutrition and maintains the powerful belief that food and its natural ingredients can be applied as alternative medicine. In addition, she is a certified personal trainer, and strength training has developed and honed her interest in the values of good nutrition. That is, she realizes the importance of eating well and exercising, which both play an integral role in an individual’s well-being.

According to Dr. Bita, the key to a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a positive mental attitude – the single measure that offers the best prescription for lifelong fulfillment.​

Dr. Bita doesn’t just “talk the talk” regarding holistic medicine and a healthy outlook; she truly “walks the walk” – holding an active lifestyle that includes yoga, beach volleyball, skiing, and consuming organic and whole foods. At the same time, she still enjoys red wine, dark chocolate, and cheese plates.

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